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meet the crack team...

Krisdee and Sarah have formed this dynamic hording duo, creating something from nothing, bringing the old back to life, and using their unique talents to create events that guests will not only love and enjoy in the moment, but reminisce about for years to come. 

Vintage gives off a feeling, a memory, it speaks love. They love the old, the rusty, the unused. They give it new life, a new purpose. They would love to help you create that one of a kind atmosphere using their unique array of vintage and rustic pieces. Whether you are planning a wedding, a bridal shower, a baby shower or any other life event they would love to be a part of it. So take a look around and let them know how they can help.

Peace, Love, and Junk


Krisdee & Sarah

Krisdee Casey

Sarah Dunn

     Born and raised in a small town in the South, Krisdee, the "K" in Something Borrowed K&S, learned to see the beauty in what others saw as junk. Although Krisdee didn't have access to a lot of large scale box stores, or home decorating shows, she is the daughter of a hardworking, talented auctioneer. She and her brother spent their childhood weekends and summers accompanying their Dad to auctions, where they both learned to identify the valuable finds amongst the discarded throw away piles, as part of their many duties. Today, Krisdee is a wife, mother, and junk artist. Her best friend is the junk guy in Charleston, and it is with a lifetime of experience of spotting a deal, that she learned to create beauty out of rust, old discarded books, and a little sweat equity. 

     Because home is where the heart is, Krisdee's home is her showpiece. Every guest revels in the uniqueness of her home, and walks from room to room, looking at her artistry, taking pictures, and asking "how did you do this?" with glee and awe. At Christmastime, the children in the neighborhood  line up with hot cocoa, waiting to tour her home, that she transforms into a peace, love, and junk inspired wonderland. Krisdee took her artistry to styling special events, first for her family and friends, but quickly, her passion caught fire, and she grew to a fully-fledged event stylist as a partner in Something Borrowed K&S. Something Borrowed allows Krisdee to share her love of junk, eclectic style, creative jaw dropping, one of a kind, beautiful events, that mirrors her love of home for every client. Simply put, Krisdee's styling, allows her to make magic, in real life.

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, and settling to raise a family in the South, Sarah, the "S" in Something Borrowed K&S, has always enjoyed creating something from nothing. She won her first art contest at the age of 5, and quite possibly inherited her natural inclination to create, from her Mother, whose talents soar in sewing, knitting, and crafting of all kinds. Sarah has an uncanny knack for envisioning something beautiful, and bringing it to life in her art. The recipients of Sarah's pieces are always  taken aback by her talent, and her ability to bring to life, an idea, or a dream. Sarah works in all mediums; paint, canvas, chalk(which is her favorite), glitter (lots of glitter), always with the goal of creating something beautiful for others to enjoy. Sarah is the deeply talented, sign artist for Something Borrowed, and her passion is creating pieces of whimsy, to delight customers and their event attendees. 

Sarah is also a fan of the junk. Treasure hunting for that special piece that reminds you of a childhood memory and then finding it, is worth its weight in gold. When Sarah is not working on a one of a kind art piece, treasure hunting with Krisdee, collecting anything and everything Harry Potter, or prepping for an event, she is at home being mommy to two beautiful children and wife to an extremely patient(and tolerant) husband. It is Sarah's artist's eye, and her ability to see beauty where the is nothing, that make Sarah's pieces so sought after. Something Borrowed allows Sarah to create glamourous, teary, gratitude-filled events from the rust and an idea.

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